It's not just that I can smell the salty ocean air and hear the gentle waves whooosh...shooooo on the shore when I read Emily Scudder's poetry... it's that I find myself transported to a place of closely-examined ennui, dissatisfaction, and desperation for just one hour alone - you know, the mental activities we all engage in but don't have the guts to 'fess up to? Scudder's writing is so honest, so relatable, so likable, dammit! I just want to hang out with her! But at the same time, this is a masterful poet who loves her husband and children, and who possesses an enviable, nearly Zen-like connection with Nature... a woman who appreciates the small, sacred moments of each day.

-- Review by Robin Stratton, Editor-in-Chief, Boston Literary Magazine


Cover art by Jeanne Lafferty

Emily Scudder is not afraid to embolden the domestic and everyday with a childlike eeriness. yet beneath her peacefully eccentric language, a fierce current rips along: of compasion and heartbreaking tenacity - the stuff of sane, wild love.

-- Frannie Lindsay, Author of Where She Always Was, Lamb, Mayweed, and Our Vanishing.

Natural Instincts

Finishing Line Press, 2007

A Change of Pace

Finishing Line Press, 2007